Convenience in dealing with specialized recruiters for technology who have years of experience working in the space.


Economic Rates

We negotiate well and provide candidates in the best possible rates as we understand that the client is sensitive about higher rates.



We are available for your needs anytime during normal business hours. We have also worked on the weekends for hard to find candidates.


Good Communication Skills

We understand the importance of good communication and try to provide candidates which have English as their first language.


Local and fully qualified resources

Our recruiters have the onus to submit fully qualified local resources which are available for your positions. We always strive to submit candidates which do not have visa requirements so there are no hassels at your side.


Flexibility in hiring and retrenching staff as per needs

We are here to serve you as per your needs. Our services assist you to cover temporary as well as permanent assignments.


Efficient in handling multiple requirements with short turn around time

Our experienced staff is habituated to work in competitive environment so we understand that submitting qualified candidates with a short turn around time is very important.


Understand the business side of the projects

Our resources are trained in such a way that they understand the business side of the projects. So recruiting and rate negotiations become easier and even with minimum information about the position our probability to recruit qualified candidates is high.


And most importantly we understand the TRUST you put in us as a partner and value it more than anything else