Everything is Moving to Cloud


Recruiters know when I say that everything is moving to cloud these days. With the ever increasing demand for higher computing performance, more storage, quicker turnaround, higher versions of software and higher adaption of technology ,customers need solutions that are quick, easy and flexible. Technology automation has spread in every part of our lives and due to this companies are adopting new technologies very quickly. The role of data in the decision making process has increased a lot and companies are using more tools to make informed decisions for their products and services based on the data available. The software that are being used in organizations are being upgraded at a faster pace and the need for the support for such technological advancement is now slowly moving away from physical infrastructure to cloud support.


Cloud computing comprises of 3 parts (the image above explains it correctly) IAAS, PAAS, SAAS. Infrastructure as a Service, Platform as a Service and Software as a Service. In the traditional way of things every organization would need to have a IT setup within the office which will include servers, Middleware systems, software, Operating Systems, Data Servers and much more but with the coming of cloud computing such need is just reduced to a fast speed internet connection. Large companies have established their presence in the field of cloud computing and Azure, GCP and AWS are born to serve consumers. The customers now have to only connect to these cloud environments and use their setup just the way they were using their internal systems till now. Cloud computing now supports big data analysis, test and development of applications, Backup and disaster recovery, Storage of huge amounts of data, any software that would have been installed at a premise and much more. The market is led by AWS (Amazon Web Services) followed by Azure (owned by Microsoft) and GCP (owned by Google).