Kite Consulting brings talented minds to work on contract basis. We have the ability to source proficient IT professionals to fill temporary requirements in your company. Hiring contract-based staff is simplified with enhanced quality by our top contract recruiter in USA.


Contract Recruiter and Staffing Services in USA


We, Kite Consulting are professional contract IT recruiter catering to the growing contractual staffing needs of IT industry. We also provide recruitment services for part-time and project-based hiring.


Our Contract Staffing Services in USA

Many companies require highly mutable staff. Hence permanent staffing does not serve in such cases. However, finding good and dedicated employees on contract basis is rather difficult. Here is where our contract staffing recruiter services help you.


Contract Recruitment Agency helps you find highly expert professionals to work on flexible contract basis and project basis. Have a quick glance at our valuable services to make your temporary hiring simple.


  • Fulfills urgent need of employees for the temporary duration
  • Bringing the most suitable and expert professionals as per job needs
  • Marketing your job requirements
  • Handle high volume of workforce requirement on the contractual basis
  • Helps in finding skilled as well as highly specialized professionals
  • Selecting the most suitable candidates right for the job
  • Pre-interview procedures and Initial talks with employees
  • Arranging interviews


Benefits of Contract Staffing Recruiters

Understanding the trends, it is high time for the businesses to hire services of the best contract recruiter USA. As an employer, you will earn attractive benefits from contract staffing companies in USA.

  1. Brings high-quality talents on a temporary basis
  2. Cost-effective solution to get dedicated in-house services
  3. Eliminates the need for full-time permanent employees
  4. Reduces responsibilities of the employer
  5. Flexible hiring on a project basis
  6. Fulfills multiple project needs

Once your project needs are fulfilled, you can discontinue the contract. This allows you to hire people with diverse skill sets for limited periods depending upon your projects.We make sure you get the best resources to work on flexible terms as per your need.


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