The US Telecom Market is teeming with activity and has many providers competing for their niche. The copper wired landline companies are now competing with more technologically advanced low capital VOIP and IP based service providers. This is a time of changes and advancement in the telecom space.


The traditional wired voice connections are on the decline and they have fallen from 200 million in 2001 to around 35 million in 2018. The VOIP connection market which was negligible in 2008 is now shot upto 13 million in 2018 and the wireless market is going to touch 360 million in 2018. The broadband internet connection which was a rare phenomenon in 2000s has caught up and today over 110 million households are using it. Now that everyone is on a mobile phone and is active on social media the cell phone is a major source for internet connection for all. We cater to both residential and commercial customers for their telecom needs. We are resellers for major names in the US telecom market like


      #1 Spectrum

      #2 AT&T

      #3 Century Link

      #4 Vonage

      #5 Cricket Wireless

      #6 Sprint

      #7 Verizon

     #8 Viasat

     #9 T-Mobile

    #10 Cox Communication

    #11 Comcast

We work closely with the customer to help them choose the best connection for their needs and get the best deal for their requirement. We stay connected with the customers till they are using the services that we have suggested to them. We work with the companies to market their products and help reach the right audience. We help them with feedback from the customers using the services, so they can improve the delivery and make changes in the support and marketing choices. We help providers introduce new services in the market and create acceptability with the target audience. After selling the product to the customer we work with them and help in any case possible. Once activation is done the customer can face issues like technical problems with the connection, the first bill coming very high, services not fully activated, need more services, pay the bill, speak with the support and not wait online for hours and more.


No matter which service provider you choose, always selecte Kites Consulting as your telecom partner. We provide you the much needed support and peace of mind and a strong well informed friend by your side while dealing with telecom companies.