Top 10 RPO Companies

Top 10 RPO Companies

Find a thoughtfully compiled list of top 10 RPO companies. Hiring and retaining efficient and well-qualified employees are important for any business.


Honest and committed employees contribute a lot to the success of the company. But identifying skillful personnel for every requirement can be a daunting and time-consuming task. Getting help from a professional recruitment agency can make things super easier.


Best 10 Recruitment Process Outsourcing Companies

Take a look at the 10 best recruitment process outsourcing companies / RPO Companies. Choosing the best professional recruitment agency can prove beneficial for your company.


#1. Seven Step RPO

Seven Step RPO offers customized recruitment solutions for its clients. The company is able to provide exceptional roles immediately even in high numbers. The company is world famous recruitment outsourcing agency. It is known for its committed services and valuable partnership.

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#2. Kites Consulting

Kites Consulting is an innovative RPO company providing customized recruitment process services. It understands every client’s needs to provide most flexible and compatible solutions. Its services to the businesses are highly affordable and provide long-term support. Kites Consulting is the first choice of hundreds of businesses for identifying best talents.

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#3.  Randstad Sourceright

Randstad Sourceright was considered as the best RPO firm in the year 2015. The firm is focussed on identifying untapped human intelligence. Understand the individual needs of the companies, it creates newer positions to attract highly qualified and creative workforce. The company is a strategic partner for HR divisions of leading companies and help in end-to-end recruitment processes.

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#4. Y Scouts

Y Scouts is one of the best talent acquisition company providing a competitive edge to the businesses. It selects the best personnel to support the job seekers and the clients with best services. It is equally popular among customers and employees.

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#5. Alexander Mann

Alexander Mann is a global leader in high-quality recruitment processes. The company is providing experienced personnel to the various industries like technology, financial, commercial and others. It is also fulfilling diverse needs like flexible, contract hiring, a full time, and part-time manpower.

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#6. People Scout

PeopleScout is popular RPO due to many obvious reasons. It has recruited many employees for the US Military. Its quick services and able to offer placement even in great number is helping large organizations. Partnering with PeopleScout has helped business in theUS to give a much-needed boost to their business.

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#7. Novotus

Novotus is a boon for small and medium-sized companies. With affordable prices and ability to negotiate with good talents, it is a popular RPO for smaller companies. Novotus is a specialized RPO company for mid-sized businesses. It understands the needs and restrictions of the smaller companies and customizes their services accordingly.


#8. Manpower Group Solutions

Manpower Group Solutions is offering RPO services all around the world. It is famous for flexible and scalable solutions during anytime of the year. The company is providing highly experienced and top quality professionals for IT, Marketing, Media, and other realms. Business is often hiring Manpower Group for getting superior quality of talents for specialized fields.

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#9. Accolo

Accolo is providing specialized recruitment process outsourcing in the USA. It is serving larger as well smaller and medium-sized businesses. Accolo has placed qualified manpower in a wide range of industries. Accolo is delicately helping businesses to improve their brand value as an employer.

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#10. Wilson HCG

Wilson HCG is extending HR services to all the different regions of the world. The company is also providing HR solutions to fill some highly specialized skill positions. It is able to fulfil the high volume need of workforce within a very short period of time.

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Gradually but firmly, the businesses are now recognizing the benefits of RPO firms. More and more corporates are now outsourcing their recruitment process to these firms for best talent acquisitions.


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