Hire the best IT professionals with focussed technology recruiter. Kite Consulting serves as Remote IT Recruiter in the USA for hundreds of businesses. Hiring talented IT personnel is simpler and cost-effective than ever before. We offer high value for companies looking for highly talented and experienced IT experts.


Remote IT Recruiter


Kite Consulting is a team of expert remote US It recruiters who seamlessly affiliate with the skilled designers and programmers all around the world. A lengthy hiring process is now minified by Kite Consulting. What you need to do is just inform your requirement to us. We have experience in nurturing and hiring IT persons of a variety of skill sets and job positions.


What Kite Consulting Do?

Kite Consulting offers out-of-the-box solutions for all your talent needs. We work as your talent acquisition partner and work on the basis of core values of integrity and excellence.


#1 Understand your Needs

As we are IT recruitment experts with a global network, we are able to act as a remote source for IT professionals. We enter skin-deep into your hiring needs. Our dedicated recruitment managers make sure to know all the important details of the position.


#2 Expert Job Marketing

We are connected with candidates who can add great value and quality to your business. Being a leading remote tech recruiter, we know all the techniques to market hiring announcement in the most presentable way. Right from precise job title to writing an accurate job description and employing proper marketing channels, we strive to bring remote talents that you will find impossible to access otherwise.


#3 Sourcing

Using our vast network and engage the best IT professionals for all beginner level as well as executive levels. We quickly identify their skill sets and attract best talents through precise job requirement scripts.


#4 Interviews

Our dedicated managers will arrange interviews through the telephonic call, video call or skype. We only recommend properly screened resumes and pre-assessed candidates to save your valuable time.


Why We are Best Remote IT Recruiter in USA?

Remote recruitment has its own ins and outs. It has a vast number of responsibilities and risks compared to local hiring. Hence, leaving remote hiring to the professional service provider is the best way to do it. Kite Consulting is a recruiter with rich experience in hiring professionals for IT fields.


#1 Domain Knowledge

Kite Consulting possesses a thorough knowledge of the IT industry requirements. Our comprehension for skill set needs for different IT-related positions is incredible. We are quick to sort out the best talents for any IT position.


#2 High Success Ratio

Kite Consulting has achieved high join ability ratio and quickest turnaround time. Be it a position of IT Manager or System Software Engineer, ERP Consultant or Web Developer; we can fill the vacant positions in your company in short notice with guaranteed success.


#3 Innovative Approach

We are one of the fastest growing remote technical recruiters in USA. We use advanced recruitment management tools and software to make our process speedier and smarter. You will be hiring the most profitable IT experts from distant locations of the world. Being a skilled hiring agency, we know from where to acquire the most affordable yet high-quality expertise.


Kite Consulting is managed by a team of knowledgeable IT experts who are passionate about identifying genuine expertise and skills. Our global reach and experience make us one of the most reliable remote contract technical recruiter agency for IT industry.


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