Kites Consulting is a provider of Premier recruiting talent. We offer recruitment services that meets your business objectives. We understand the salient ways to approach such candidates and garner their interest. The proof of the pudding is in eating it and we acknowledge this by letting our work speak for itself.


We can assist you in the following recruitment needs.

  1. Position based
  2. Only Sourcing
  3. Recruiter utilizing internal tools
  4. Fully equipped recruiters

Kites Consulting also offers services tailored to the individual needs of your company, please contact to discuss.

Our Recruiters come in monthly retainers which can vary depending on the following needs.


Position based – Full Life Cycle

There are times when a candidate backs out of a position after he/she was confirmed or times when you just have 1-2 roles to fill and are not looking to hire a recruiter on long term or monthly basis. These are the times when you do not want to spend on costly candidate sources and are looking for a quick fix. We are always available to squeeze in as a temporary fix to your needs and would dedicate the best available recruiter to the job.

Only Sourcing

Our recruiters will act as technical sourcers. The recruiter will only be expected to source candidates and send it over to the US counterpart. This way the time spent on searching resumes will be reduced drastically and the performance of the US recruiters will increase

Recruiter utilizing internal tools – Full Life Cycle

This is full life cycle recruiting where the recruiter sources, vets, techs, screens, negotiates and presents candidates. We offer recruiters who are fully qualified and are comfortable working on varied positions but do not come with sources of candidates. These recruiters typically work on getting candidates from your internal database or by using social media.

Fully equipped recruiters – Full Life Cycle

This is the most common type of service that we offer. In this the fully qualified recruiter has his own sources of candidates and does not require any support. He is overlooked by a manager who keeps a strict vigil on the quality.




Why Choose Kites Consulting?

We work on almost all kinds of positions and pride in delivering fully qualified, functionally sound, genuine candidates who will work for your client needs. We only deal with US based candidates and work with all work authorizations.


We also provide administrative assistance to clients that need visa candidates such as immigration process, visa procedure, H1 transfer and fresh filing etc. Many of our clients have government needs so we deal with a highly qualified pool of citizen candidates, not to mention cleared resources as well. We believe in quality and not quantity.


Our recruiters have extensive experience working on permanent as well as contract roles and understand the difference between the both. For permanent roles they understand the need to present local, non job hopping candidates who are a cultural fit and for contract roles they understand the importance of perfect skill match who can get the job done.


More recently we have observed the need to widen the search criteria and not just rely on traditional sources of candidates. Due to the impetus on high skilled non visa candidates the cream of the crowd is being bombarded by recruiter emails and phone calls, to the extent that they are not putting their resumes out even if they are in search of a job change.


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