Why Recruitment Process Outsourcing is Needed

Are you confused about hiring an RPO company in New York? Making up your mind is quite simple. Outsourcing is a next big thing in human resources management. Assigning hiring process from scratch to the last stage is a new way to make recruitment smart. RPO is now grown into a unique industry as businesses are identifying its tremendous benefits.


It might not be possible for new start-ups to spend a huge amount on recruitment and attract high-quality talents. RPOs are best for new start-ups, small and medium-sized firms, and larger corporates. Larger companies often outsource their recruitment processes to save huge cost and efforts of frequent recruitments.



Top Recruitment Agency in New York

What is Recruitment Process Outsourcing

Before you understand the need of RPO, you need to know the meaning of RPO. RPO is a broader concept compared to placement agencies.


Recruitment process outsourcing is a modern form of business that involves outsourcing of complete recruitment process. An RPO provider takes responsibility for well-defined functions on behalf of the client company


Functions & Responsibilities of Staffing Company in NYC

  • Job marketing
  • Resume collection
  • Resume screening
  • Sorting resumes
  • Sending out interview calls
  • Executing Interviews
  • Employment offers and Negotiations
  • Placement


Advantages of Hiring Staffing Firm New York

New York is one of the world’s busiest city with millions of bustling industries. Finding high-quality workforce is a challenging task in a city that offers gigantic opportunities. Whether it is fashion industry or music or IT or healthcare, the city has a place for all kinds of talents.


With such positive scenario for the talents, it is essential to hire only the best recruiting firms in New York. Collection of copious resumes are no more a right kind of solution. A reputed RPO like Kite Consulting helps you in attracting only the candidates that you require. We analyse and advertise with the right approach to eliminate unproductive resume screening and interviewing. We sort out the most relevant resumes and direct the most suitable candidates to you.


How to Select Top Recruitment Agency in New York

While RPO is a great way to cut cost and relieve the stress of hiring processes. Yet all depends upon how well you pick your staffing agency in New York. Before you outsource recruitment, make sure your RPO company has all the below features.


#1 Industry Specific Experience

Many top recruitment companies in New York are having specialization in recruiting specific industries like IT or finance or fashion. Make sure the company has previous experience in hiring for your industry. Especially when you are a crucial industry like healthcare and hospital, an RPO with good knowledge and experience of the field is important.


#2 Advertising & Marketing

Learn how sound advertising and marketing activities your RPO company undertake. How skilled they are in engaging job seekers. Do they have definite marketing plans?


#3 Effective Reporting and Analytics

Any good RPO reports to the clients and provides metrics. Discuss how they will provide performance report of every hiring process.


#4 Candidate Experience

A good RPO company offers cordial experience to the candidates. If candidates are not getting proper treatment and follow-ups, there is a risk of losing good candidates.


Also, make sure the company is offering all the services you are looking for. RPO industry is small yet and some start-up RPOs might not be a perfect one. They differ in their technologies and capabilities.


RPOs are extremely beneficial for commercial and industrial units like factories, BPOs, call centres, large hotels, and retail chains. Thousands of recruitments are simplified by hiring a right RPO company in New York. Kite Consulting is one of the best employment agency in New York offering innovative recruitment strategies.