Performance of a recruiter

Performance of a Recruiter

  Those who have managed a recruiting team are always asked a common question by the management, “What is the performance of your team”. As a recruiting team lead at Kites, our managers are also shot this question by paying customers as they want to know the money worth of the service. We believe recruiting […]

What are candidates looking for

What are candidates looking for

  The answer to this question is rather simple at first glance. They are looking for a job so they can earn money!!! so the most essential aspect of the job would be how much does it pay. It gets more exploratory when the candidate is not exactly looking for just money. Recruiters should be […]

Skills required to become a good IT recruiter

Skills Required to Become a Good IT Recruiter

  IT recruiting can be a very easy job for the right candidate and a equally difficult task for a candidate who is not a good fit. Essential recruiters are expected to deliver the best available candidate in the right rate/salary at the right time. It sounds very simple but unless the candidate is well […]


Everything is Moving to Cloud

  Recruiters know when I say that everything is moving to cloud these days. With the ever increasing demand for higher computing performance, more storage, quicker turnaround, higher versions of software and higher adaption of technology ,customers need solutions that are quick, easy and flexible. Technology automation has spread in every part of our lives […]

United States Citizenship and Immigration Services

The H1 Dilemma

  Gone are the days when Indian Vendors used to keep 100-200 H1 candidates on their payroll and churn them to make a killing. These were the times when any college IT graduate could specialize doing a course and apply for a visa on the basis of documents provided by the H1 company. They would […]

Top 10 RPO Companies

Top 10 RPO Companies

  Find a thoughtfully compiled list of top 10 RPO companies. Hiring and retaining efficient and well-qualified employees are important for any business.   Honest and committed employees contribute a lot to the success of the company. But identifying skillful personnel for every requirement can be a daunting and time-consuming task. Getting help from a […]

Top 5 Benefits of Recruitment Process Outsourcing RPO

Benefits of Recruitment Process Outsourcing

  Outsourcing of end-to-end recruitment process is still a new HR trend. But many companies are now recognizing the benefits of RPO. There are many who are still not aware of the benefits of this outsourcing.   If you are on a hiring spree and serious about RPO, check out the top 5 benefits of […]

How RPO Service Will Help Your Recruitment

How RPO Service Will Help Your Recruitment

  The recent growth of the RPO companies shows the trend is worth following. If you are still struggling to find right employees, it’s time to go for outsourcing. Recruitment process outsourcing companies are benefiting the businesses in many ways.   If you are still skeptical about hiring an RPO, check the advantages of the […]